A Major Announcement

Just yesterday, we learned that Gerry has won the endorsement of two major unions — the Service Employees International Union and the United Food and Commercial Workers.

These are huge endorsements. In fact, this is probably the most significant development in the campaign so far. SEIU and UFCW Local 400 have large and active memberships here in Northern Virginia. They have a proven track record of playing a big role in winning campaigns for progressive Democrats, most recently supporting Maryland Democrat Donna Edwards in her successful primary challenge to Al Wynn.

UFCW Local 400 has 40,000 members in the region and 10,000 here in Northern Virginia. SEIU has 1.9 million members in North America and a growing presence in our area.

These endorsements make one thing absolutely clear: Gerry Connolly is the choice of working people in the 11th district.

Here’s what Jim Lowthers, the President of UFCW Local 400 had to say about Gerry:

“Gerry Connolly is a man we know and trust. We’ve worked with him on a number of important initiatives and he’s always come through for us. He cares about working people and knows how to get things done. That’s exactly what we need in Congress and that’s why UFCW Local 400 will be supporting him 100% in his race for Congress.”

This is a great day for our campaign, but we have serious work left to do. I need you to join the working men and women of UFCW and SEIU as they take up this fight.

Here are three things you can do today:

1. Sign up to volunteer. Email jason@gerryconnolly.com to volunteer today.

2. Attend a house party or coffee near you. Click here to visit our calendar and RSVP to attend an event.

3. Contribute. The last quarter was a huge success, but we have to keep it going. Please consider making a contribution today!

So far, our campaign has exceeded all expectations and we’re on track to win in June and November. But we can’t let up now. It’s time for change in Washington. The men and women of UFCW and SEIU know that and that’s why they stand with Gerry Connolly.

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